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I find when I’m working on University projects it’s key to have a large selection of resources ranging from textures and brushes to fonts and borders. And that’s precisely the aim of these posts; to bolster up your collection and selection of things you can use to add an extra dimension* to your work.

So here’s another selection. 

21 Texture Packs is a list originally posted on SpeckyBoy​.com and is a great find with a huge variety of different free textures. There’s Woods and Metals, Grunge and Retro Lights and a whole load of other textures at good resolutions

Vector CCTV Cameras are a freebie released by Chris Spooner on his Blog.SpoonGraphics site. They’re simple and perfect if you’re in the mood for a Hard-​Fi-​esque design.

On-​Stage Vector Icon Set are a brilliant set of clearly defined icons and what’s even better is that they come with their original PSD files Vector ready. You can use them freely thanks to the co-​operation between Smashing Magazine and their designers. Brilliant!

Grunge Photoshop Brushes, packing in a solid 74 brushes this is an excellent freebie pack again from Smashing Magazine. There is loads of great stuff in their freebie section.

TweetDeck is a useful tool for keeping your Twitters in check. I’m not sure how people can cope with following hundreds of people but this tool could probably prevent your mind melting in the process. Another great AIR application and therefore cross-​platform.

There you go, another five useful things to have a play with.

* Please note you will find it difficult making extra dimensions, there are already quite a few available.

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Charming selection of brushes here, will downdload and check out in due course.


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