The week in links 28/11/08

Same as before, some links that I’ve gathered from my own exploration and from those tweeted to me. Little bit of a change in this post, going to put a little description with each link because sometimes in the case of new websites there isn’t any explanation of what it is in the title. But other than that, same deal, five link blocks headed by a picture.

1/​  54 Mind-​Blowing Digital Paintings (psdtuts​.com)
     A brilliant selection of digital painters.
2/​  Christmas by Colour (christmasbycolour​.co​.uk)
      An exploration of the colours that shape our Christmas.
3/​  Instant Colour Scheme (gpeters​.com)
     Give it a search term and it’ll generate a colour scheme.
4/​  20+ Sites To Find Inspiration (spoonfeddesign​.com)
     A very useful list if your looking for some inspiration.
5/​  wp-​Hyphenate 1.05 Beta (kingdesk​.com)
     A nifty little WordPress plugin for typography enthusiasts.

6/​  50 Greatest Computer Workstation Setups (hongkiat​.com)
    Collection of workstation setups, I always find them interesting.
7/​  WordPress Membership Site Guide (profitblogger​.com)
    Useful guide to making a profitable content-​driven website.
8/​  Free Textures 20+ Motion Colour Band Textures (thinkdesignblog​.com)
    Pretty blurry photo textures.
9/​  Typealyzer (typealyzer​.com)
    Find out what type you of person you are based on your blog.
10/​  $100,000 Killer App Challenge (ribbit​.com)
    Competition to design and innovate in the voice ware app field.

11/​  Pixelgarten (pixelgarten​.de)
    Saw their work in the book Tactile, interesting way of working.
12/​  Please Critique Me (pleasecritiqueme​.com)
    Great way to get some opinion on your work.
13/​  40+ Must Have Extensions and Tools For Google Chrome (speckyboy​.com)
     Chrome is lacking in the add ons but there are other solutions.
14/​  25 Seamless Polka Dot Pattern Swatches (colorburned​.com)
     Nice dotty patterns.
15/​  50 Free Photoshop Brush Sets For Modern Design Trends (sixrevisions​.com)
     Brushes for the latest trends, always useful.

16/​ 15 Beautiful High-​Quality Free Fonts (smashingmagazine​.com)
    Great selection of free fonts.
17/​  YouTube Goes Widescreen (youtube​.com)
    YouTube finally goes widescreen and widens its browser page.
18/​  25 Of The Best SweetCron-​Powered Lifestreams (carbongraffiti​.com)
    SweetCron is pretty sweet, here are the best lifestreams.
19/​  Free Vectors: Ink Trees (fudgegraphics​.com)
    Stylistic vector trees free for personal and commercial work.
20/​ Equilibrium WordPress Theme (madebyon​.com)
    A nice and simple magazine style WP theme for free.

21/​  Fifty People, One Question (fiftypeopleonequestion​.com)
    A very charming and simple idea with interesting responses.
22/​  TinyTags (wigflip​.com)
    Make cute little tags with automatically sized words.
23/​  Free Texture Tuesday (BittBox)
    Part of a new series, BittBox brings you 5 high res textures every Tuesday.
24/​  Too Cool Video (wimp​.com)
    Strobe lights + falling water = an awesome effect.
25/​  iPhone PSD Vector Kit (smashingmagazine​.com)
    Another excellent vector set from Smashing Mag for all uses.

26/​  Efeitos Realistas (curiosidadesnanet​.wordpress​.com)
    Nice set of photograph with objects aligned in unusual ways.

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Nice list! Thanks for linking me! Love the site as well.

Last blog post…Free Textures — 20+ Motion Color Band Textures

Nick Pagano added this comment on 28 Nov 08 at 15:07

@Nick Pagano,

No problem, love your site’s design, like the texture and feel to it.

Craig Baldwin added this comment on 30 Nov 08 at 18:56