The week in links 14/11/08

So I thought I’d start making a weekly post that I hopefully can stick to if I don’t get over ambitious and make it a monsterous collection that is impossible to maintain. Something more along the lines of Designer Daily with just a handful of links and pictures. Just a series of link with the occasional picture inserted in to keep it more interesting.

A few of these won’t be within the past week but that’s just me catching up with a few links I’d been meaning to put out in a post and this being the first one to come along I took the opportunity. 

1/​  Fuel Your Creativity Redesign (fuelyourcreativity​.com)
2/​  45 Beautiful 3D Typography Designs for Inspiration (dzineblog​.com)
3/​  Toys Revolt Against Pooh Bear (ffffound​.com)
4/​  SoulTweet (soultweet​.com)
5/​  Cafepress Redesign (cafepress​.com)

6/​  As Real As It Gets (flickr​.com)
7/​  The 75 Hottest Business Card Designs You’ve Ever Seen! (ever​-real​.com)
8/​  How to: Make a Hand-​Drawn Font (bittbox​.com)
9/​  127 RSS Feeds That All Designers Should Subscribe To (colorburned​.com)
10/​  50 Must-​Have Photoshop Brushes (smashingmagazine​.com)

11/​  Toshiba Timesculpture Ad (youtube​.com)
12/​  WeAreJustCreative (wearejustcreative​.com)
13/​  20 Typefaces To Start a Designer’s Career (justcreativedesign​.com)
14/​  Google Introduces Video and Voice Chat for Gmail (readwriteweb​.com)
15/​  Meet Abduzeedo Founder Fabio Sasso (colorburned​.com)

16/​  How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You (catswhothrowupgrass​.com)
17/​  How To Be a Good Client (swissmiss​.typepad​.com)
18/​  On​.eTi​.me (on​.eti​.me)

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