The week in links 05/12/08

Another week, another fine collection of links for your own leisurely viewing and browsing. Five link blocks, descriptions and now a heading image which might not be relevant to the link below it as it was before. In other words the images themselves are sometimes the link if the visual work is what’s interesting. Just in case you ever wondered why the images were different.

1/​  5 Incredibly Simple, Yet Useful Websites (mashable​.com)
    Simple little sites with not much to them, but it’s all they need.
2/​  Mimicking Apple’s Address Book For The Web (nettuts​.com)
    I don’t understand everything going on there, but I know it looks great.
3/​  The UX Booth (uxbooth​.com
     Free website usability reviews among other things, new website.
4/​  Logo Of The Day (logooftheday​.com)
     Each day a new logo is picked by the sites two judges.
5/​  One Day For Human Rights (onedayforhumanrights​.com)
     A good cause with a simple day by day set of goals.

6/​  40+ Stunning Black and White Photographs (elitebydesign​.com)
    Great collection of black and white photography.
7/​  15 CSS Tricks That Must Be Learned (blog​.themeforest​.net)
    There are always certain tricks that are essential to achieve your goal.
8/​  TypeNEU (typeneu​.com)
    Reports on the past, present and future of typographic culture.
9/​  Triberadio Photoshop Brushes (triberadio​.com)
     The site doesn’t look like much but there’s great selection of grunge brushes there.
10/​  PSD Protocol (psdprotocol​.com)
    Can be a bit hit and miss but good selection of ready-​to-​use cut out objects.

11/​  Pong (project​-euh​.com)
    This is a great idea, window pong.
12/​  Improve Your Typography With “Typographic Contract” (3point7designs​.com)
    Nice bit of typography teaching, simple ways to make better typography.
13/​  The Ultimate List Of The Best Logo Design Resources (justcreativedesign​.com)
    Well the title says it all, ultimate list for all logo designers.
14/​  Interface Design: Login/​Signup (webdesignledger​.com)
    Ever pay much attention to the login and signup screens, with these ones you should.
15/​  Designers’ Scribbles (nikibrown​.com)
    See inside the minds of other designs in their doodles and sketches. Or just enjoy the doodles.

16/​  Eight Things I Learned From Getting Screwed Over By Clients (tutorialblog​.org)
    It’s always sad to hear about bad stories of terrible clients, but you can always learn from it.
17/​  Texture Warehouse (texturewarehouse​.com)
    If you ever need some high resolution textures for design or 3D, try here. It’s free.
18/​  How Is Your Blog Performing? 19 Must Have Tools (speckyboy​.com)
    A great selection of tools to find out performance and value.
19/​  Quotes On Design (quotesondesign​.com)
    A nice and simple little idea, does exactly what it says on the tin.
20/​  63 Extraordinary Companies That Support The Design Community (colorburned​.com)
    Ever really consider the companies that help make our lives easier? Here’s a good list.

21/​  Songbird (getsongbird​.com)
    A new open source customisable music player with iPod support based on Firefox.
22/​  Amazon’s DRM-​Free MP3 Store Goes International With UK Launch (engadget​.com)
    Combine this with Songbird and I reckon this can fight iTunes’ near monoply.
23/​  The Stories Behind Hollywood Studio Logos (neatorama​.com)
    It’s surprisingly interesting how the logos of the big movie makers were made.

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