The week in links 12/12/08

Well here comes the excellent time of the week, it’s the end of it, Friday and that means another batch of links that I’ve come across throughout the week. Been a bit busy this week finalising my last project of the semester. If you’d like to see what I’ve been busy doing this week then head on over to this post about my latest University project. 

1/​  30 Inspiring Type Treatments (ilovetypography​.com)
     Another great typography article, interesting typography works.
2/​  A Selection Of Graphics Projects (graphic​-exchange​.com)
     It’s all in the visual, lots of detail, grungy, chaos design.
3/​  Moving Images (oberholtzer​.creative​.com)
     Powerful message.

4/​  Screen Clean (kn34​.com)
     Clean your screen every so often, no chemicals needed.
5/​  25 Abstract Light Free Photoshop Brushes Vol.1 (youthedesigner​.com)
     A selection of funky light effect brushes.
6/​  Another 23 Signs You’re Becoming A Design Geek (crestock​.com)
     Well it’s always a shame when you turn into one, but you’ve just got to accept it in the end.

7/​  Tee Designs on Behance Network (behance​.net) (Above)
    Strange T-​shirt designs, well drawn.
8/​  Turn This Thing Off! (turnthisthingoff​.com)
    A simple request for automated Twitter messaging.
9/​  Inspiration: UFHO (abduzeedo​.com)
     Some impressive work showcased on Abduzeedo.
10/​  The Reality Of Logo Design Contests (logodesignlove​.com)
     Good arguments for and against, though it is biased.

11/​  Implementing Some AJAX Features On SpoonGraphics (flickr​.com)
    All is not what it seems.
12/​  50 Most Beautiful Icon Sets Created In 2008 (noupe​.com)
    Unsurprisingly some pretty brilliant icon sets are listed in this thorough list.
13/​  Afloat (infinite​-labs​.net)
    Neat little app that adds extra window functionality to Mac.
14/​  BB Free Font: Baja California Demo (bittbox​.com)
    Neat free font containing upper and lower case alphabet with a premium version to follow.

2 Responses to “The week in links 12/12/08”

Thanks very much for the mention, Craig. I’d actually say the logo contest debate was unbiased… but then, I am bias.

Enjoy the weekend.

David Airey added this comment on 12 Dec 08 at 13:14

No problem it was a good read.

Craig Baldwin added this comment on 13 Dec 08 at 14:37