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You will have probably noticed by now that I have changed my theme (yet again) but this time I feel it will stick for a lot longer because I actually like it. Previously I used Agregado which I like, then I changed the colour scheme which I didn’t like and felt it provided a good oppurtunity to switch to the theme Grid Focus.

Those familiar with Grid Focus probably don’t need to read this but I thought I’d cover what the theme’s about and the changes I’ve made to it and the new posts that are coming.

What I especially like about Grid Focus was its standard colour scheme and that animated drop down Categories menu. I liked the strong top and bottom bar. To these bars I added an About, Contact and Credits (not quite ready yet) link, my Feedburner reader numbers and a jump to the top link.

I’ve also mirrored these changes to my Portfolio which I’ve bought back but will only be there to showcase my work, not talk about work in progress.

These changes also come complete with a new Home page which is nice to have all done, well almost, the Credits page isn’t done yet but the important stuff is up. It’s quite different from my Blog and Portfolio but I intended that as I felt those sections needed to have a more professional look whilst the other pages are more quirky and fun.

Also now using Shadowbox JS so images that don’t link anywhere can be expanded now. Brought back Sociable with larger icons. Related posts is there too. Also using Yoast’s Breadcrumbs and the RSS Footer plugins. Using Lifestream to supplement the lack of homepage lifestream but it won’t be missed that much.


In terms of content I’ll be continuing the weekly round up of links and as of next week will be making a weekly quick tip for Photoshop to begin with then moving into Illustrator and beyond, maybe even Cinema 4D if I get better at it. I’m doing quick tips because I can never focus long enough to get a complete tutorial done though I do hope to one day. Also going to do some more Collections for Illustration and Graphic Design.

But for now I hope you had a good Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

2 Responses to “What's New”

Nice job integrating the theme. Looks and works very well as a two column layout. What are you using for the share links at the bottom of the post? Big and bold icons fit well vs. the standard 16px variants I see elsewhere on the net.

Derek added this comment on 29 Dec 08 at 22:01

The plugin’s Sociable which is what most people use I just edited it to use 48 px icons and used the free icons from WeFunction​.com. It’s a great theme to use, I could make sense of it unlike the last one I used which is useful when I don’t know CSS or website coding well.

I have noticed though that the Reply link has disappeared even though I’m running on WordPress 2.7, having to use the Dashboard to reply. It’s just strange that it works on your demo site but when I put it up on my site it wasn’t there even before I started editing. I mean it’s nothing disastrous it was just integrated so much better than any plugin.

Craig Baldwin added this comment on 30 Dec 08 at 11:56