The week in links 02/01/09

Like I thought I would I missed last week’s set of links as I sat back and had a little break over Christmas, of course with Christmas gone I’m back to work and continuing yet another redevelopment of my website but this time I feel it will stick longer. It’s a more thorough rework but anyway, less of that, more of the links I’ve found over the past week.

1/​  BB Free Font: Whiteboard Modern Demo (bittbox​.com)
    BittBox continues its excellent output of free resources with a this charming little font.
2/​  30 Unforgettable Christmas Ads Around The World (weirdresources​.com) (Above)
     A collection of the best Christmas ads this year.
3/​  ShareTabs (sharetab​.com)
     Give it a set of links and it’ll give you one link to a page of thumbnails of your links.
4/​  30+ Great Adobe AIR Apps For Designers And Developers (mashable​.com)
     AIR continues to be a great development platform and here’s some more design tools.
5/​  25 Fantastic Design Articles From 2008 (davidairey​.com)
     David Airey gathers together a collection of the best posters as suggested by his readers.

6/​  160+ RSS Feeds For Web-​Designers And Developers (spyrestudios​.com)
     This is one huge list of feeds. Comes with a OPML file for easy downloading.
7/​  Smashing Highlights 2008 (smashingmagazine​.com)
     It’s been a great year for Smashing Magazine, here’s a roundup of their best articles.
8/​  Top 10 Twitter Apps #2 (netgendesign​.com)
     I always love finding unique ways to use and visualise Twitter and this selection is great.
9/​  2008 Most Popular Design Posters, Tutorials and Resources (noupe​.com)
     Large collection of the best collections of 2008.
10/​  ColorFlip (colorflip​.com)
     Neat little page flip effect going through a selection of colours.

11/​  60 Great Abduzeedo Articles From 2008 (abduzeedo​.com)
     Abduzeedo gives some of the best tutorials and inspirations, here’s the best of the best.
12/​ Best Posts On Designer Daily For 2008 (designer​-daily​.com)
     Designer Daily sums up the best of 2008 on site.
13/​  15 Minimalist Designs That Inspired Me (spyrestudios​.com)
     As the title says, great list of minimalist websites.
14/​  Adobe PDF Guide: How To Do Everything With PDF Files (labnol​.org)
     PDFs are pretty useful things, here’s a guide to getting the most out of them.
15/​  The 100 Most Popular Photoshop Tutorials 2008 (photoshoplady​.com)
     That’s a lot of tutorials.


16/​  30 Super-​Juicy Photoshop Illustration Tutorails (psdtuts​.com)
     Is your new year resolution to brush up on your Photoshop skills? Here’s some great tutorials.
17/​  Launch: Are My Sites Up? (css​-tricks​.com)
    Just web app that checks if your sites are up, free and easy to use, just launched today.

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