The week in links 23/01/09

Another collection of triple-​distilled Internet’s best.

1/​  The Fundamental Problems With CSS3 (mattwilcox​.net)
    Problems, problems, problems.
2/​  10 Delicious Free Fonts With Commericial-​Use License (woork​.blogspot​.com)
    You wonder why you don’t have to pay for these.
3/​  The True Benefits Of Freelancing Pt. 1 (arbent​.net)
    They’ve listed the disadvantages, now for the advantages.
4/​  Are Content Thieves Stealing Your Revenue? (copyblogger​.com)
    Raises some good points.
5/​  Twitter-​Yahoo Mashup Yields Better Breaking News Search (blog​.wired​.com)
    Refining the break news reporting of the global Twitter community.

6/​  ScreenToaster (screentoaster​.com)
    Free online web app for recording your screen.
7/​  High-​Resolution Grungy Paper Textures (sixrevisions​.com)
    Grunge and paper make a good mix.
8/​  10 Really Cool Google Chrome Hacks (techradar​.com)
    If something isn’t properly supported, hack it in!
9/​  45 Sites, Free Icons And PSD Resources For Web-​Design (1stwebdesigner​.com)
    Great list of ready made resources for web design use.
10/​  WHEREWEDOWHATWEDO (wherewedowhatwedo​.com)
     Collection of great creative work places. Love to see these sort of things.


11/​  The Ultimate Collection Of Free Vector Packs (smashingmagazine​.com)
     You’ve got to see it to believe it. Loads of them.
12/​  The Impossible Project (the​-impossible​-project​.com)
     I do hope they succeed in bringing back Polaroid film, I love that stuff.
13/​  50 Illustrator Tutorials Every Designer Should See (blog​.spoongraphics​.com)
     A great way to get into illustrator with all these tutorials.
14/​  125+ Incredible Twitter Themes (instantshift​.com)
     That’s a whole lot of inspiration if you’re designing your own Twitter background.
15/​  Free Texture Tuesday: Smoke (bittbox​.com)
     Some more great free textures, grab them while they’re hot.

16/​  Font Picker (richardsprojects​.co​.uk)
     AIR app that shows live previews of all fonts on your PC with editable preview text.
17/​  Greener Type (ilovetypography​.com)
     Check out the redesign over at iLT.
18/​  25 Great WordPress Plugins! (techzoomin​.com)
     I just installed the Threaded Comments plugin.
19/​  jQuery Easing Plugin (gsgd​.co​.uk)
     Currently interested in coding and jQuery for my own website redesign.
20/​  How To Make A Smooth Animated Menu with jQuery (buildinternet​.com)
     More detail and coding advice for jQuery.

21/​  Add HTML, Random Quotes, iTunes Status ImageTo Your Mail Signature (Mac Only) (makeuseof​.com)
    Great little tutorial and advice to spruce up your e-​mail signature.
22/​  How I Made A 1,474 Megapixel Photo During President Obama’s Inaugural Address (davidbergman​.net)
    The mind boggles. Embedded Flash view to see the photo.
23/​  15 High Quality Free Premium WordPress 2.7 Themes (noupe​.com)
    I should really stop look at themes, I keep finding new ones I like.

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