The week in links 30/01/09

Purified Internet goodness. Here is this week’s collection of design related goodness.

1/​  The Evolution Of Apple Design Between 19772008 (webdesignerdepot​.com)
     Celebrating Apple’s 25th anniversary here’s the evolution of their design.
2/​  TechCrunch Tablet Update: Prototype B (techcrunch​.com)
     This looks pretty sweet. Especially if they keep the price point.
3/​  New Screenshot Of Jolicloud Netbook Operating System (techcrunch​.com) (Below)
     Combine this with the Tablet and what do you get? Cool stuff happening.
4/​  JungleJar Twitter Icons — 22 Icon Sets (323 Icons Total) (junglejar​.com)
     Good collection of Twitter icons.
5/​  The Power Of WordPress and jQuery: 25+ Useful Plugins and Tutorials (noupe​.com)
     Got to love WordPress jQuery integration.

6/​  The Invoice Machine (invoicemachine​.com)
     Just look at the introduction video, looks so slick.
7/​  22 Most Used Free Fonts Used By Professional Designers (instantshift​.com)
     Top quality free fonts, if you don’t mind that they’re used so much.
8/​  Online Portfolios That Speak For Themselves Part 2 (inspiredology​.com)
     Nice collection here, check out part 1 as well.
9/​  Free Photoshop Brushes (brushking​.eu)
     Always nice to have more places to get new brushes from.
10/​  Flickr Toolbox: 100+ For Flickr Addicts (mashable​.com)
     You probably don’t need them all, but I’m sure there are some here you’ll find useful.

11/​  110+ Free RSS Icons To Show Off Your RSS Feed (problogdesign​.com)
     One of these has got to fit in with your blog design.
12/​  30 Amazingly Creative Social Icon Sets (speckyboy​.com)
     Continuing the icon theme here’s set of social icons.
13/​  Grammy Worthy Typography (blog​.2modern​.com)
     These are amazing!
14/​  Fubiz Redesign (fubiz​.net) (Above)
     Didn’t know about this inspiration site until the redesign.
15/​  WordPress God: 300+ Tools For Running Your WordPress Blog (mashable​.com)
     Too many tools! Brain melting…

16/​  From Photoshop To WordPress — Part I — Design (thewebsqueeze​.com)
     Looking forward to the rest of this series.
17/​  50 Websites That Make Amazing Use of Javascript (kriesi​.at)
     See great examples of javascript integration.
18/​  Bokeh Type (themaninblue​.com)
     Type out letters with a bokeh effect, constant shifting and changing.
19/​  All The Business Card Inspiration You Will Ever Need (thedesigncubicle​.com)
     Great collection of collections of business card inspiration.
20/​  13 Excellent jQuery Animation Techniques (webdesignledger​.com)
     Nothing unlucky about these techniques.

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