The week in links 06/02/09

All the goodness of the Internet, without the pulp, and never ever from concentrate.

1/​  AppStorm (mac​.appstorm​.net)
    New from the publishers of PSDTUTs comes a blog dedicated to Mac ads.
2/​  20 Grunge Website Design: Inspiration #1 (mabucplus​.com)
    Great examples of grungey website designs.
3/​  January UX Roundup (uxbooth​.com)
    Round up of UX relevant articles.
4/​  750+ Ultimate High Quality Free Grunge Brushes and Resources (naldzgraphics​.net)
    Just so many out there, rounded up in this list.
5/​  The New Tutorial9 (tutorial9​.net)
    There’s been a redesign there, go have a look.

6/​  15 Great Examples Of Cloned WordPress Themes (wpzoom​.com)
    Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but what about complete copies?
7/​  11 Essential Tips For Good Print Typography (spoonfeddesign​.com) (Below)
    My current project involves printed typography so this was pretty handy.
8/​  27 Indispensible Resources For Graphic Designers (freelancefolder​.com)
    Well you read the title, they’re indispensible, get them already.
9/​  Synoptic (synoptic​.weaintplastic​.com)
    Interesting way of visualising weather data.
10/​  Grid Designer 2 (grid​.mindplay​.dk)
     Need a CSS grid designed? Here’s an automated solution.

11/​  11 Amazing Website Designs That Rocked January (positivespaceblog​.com)
     Got to say I like a lot of these websites and their designs.
12/​  Breadline Design Naming Machine (breadlinedesign​.com)
     Stuck on the name for your new fabulous design group? Perhaps this isn’t for you then really…
13/​  15 jQuery Plugins To Fix and Beautify Browser Issues (devsnippets​.com)
     Continuing my desire to learn jQuery, seeing how it can fix issues.
14/​  Top 250 List Of Twitter Clone Sites (honeytechblog​.com)
     There’s a lot of them out there, probably a useful back up should Twitter ever go under.
15/​  Free Icons And Free Icon Sets (outlawdesignblog​.com)
     Download them and keep them safe, you never know when you’ll need them.

16/​  The Nice Guy Paradox [Solved] (dmiessler​.com)
     Not really design related but interesting nonetheless.
17/​  300+ Active Web Designers To Follow On Twitter (naldzgraphics​.net)
     There’s plenty more, but here are some quality designers out on Twitter.
18/​  Cornify — Unicorns & Rainbows On-​Demand (cornify​.com)
     A website can never have enough Unicorns and Rainbows, get your fill here.
19/​  What Makes A Quality Font? (thedesigncubicle​.com)
     Go there to find out.
20/​  Eight Forms Of Social Networking Depression: Are You Suffering? (louisgray​.com)
     Don’t be depressed. Here’s some things you might not know and how to solve them.

21/​  Remindr (remindr​.info)
     Remind yourself of something by text, email, Twitter or IM.
22/​  Matt Confesses: Where The Hell Is Matt? Video An “Elaborate Hoax” (youtube​.com)
     It’s all so obvious now! The newest video is above.
23/​  Alltop, All The Top Stories (alltop​.com)
     An online magazine rack of the most popular stories and links.
24/​  Photo Magnets For The Photoshoppers (blog​.iampaddy​.com)
    Interesting idea for a set of magnets, Photoshop and Illustrator toolbars.

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