The week in links 20/02/09

Links found in the treasure trove of a long lost sailor. Pure gold.

1/​  Twecipe (twecipe​.com)
     Give it the ingredients and it’ll give you a tasty meal.
2/​  Color Scheme Designer 3 (colorschemedesigner​.com)
     This gives back some pretty brilliant colour schemes.
3/​  iFont, iPhone (ilovetypography​.com)
     The great WhatTheFont font recognition comes to the iPhone.
4/​  10 Sites For Free Vector Files (nextdayflyers​.com)
     Some useful places for vectors.
5/​  104 Free Fonts For Web Designers And Logo Artists (instantshift​.com)
     There are loads of free fonts on the web, here’s a big selection of good ones.

6/​  Keyboard Layout Source File (vectorss​.com)
     Never know when you’ll need a vector key map, or maybe you do.
7/​  Minimalism Around The Web: Design Inspiration & WordPress Themes (tutorial9​.net)
     I’m a big fan of minimalism so I loved this article.
8/​  49 Beautiful Webdesigns: Made In Belgium! (tndmedia​.nl)
     Beautiful design is universal, here’s what Belgium can make.
9/​  26 Horizontal Websites (inspiredology​.com)
     Not all websites follow the scrolling norm, here’s the best of those.
10/​  Twitter Suspended — The Full Story (minervity​.com)
     Read the full story of what happened when some big Twitter users were suspended.

11/​  50 Insanely Good Vector-​based Web Designs (vector​-tutsplus​.com)
     The title isn’t lying, they’re insanely good.
12/​  Anyone Can Swiss (anyonecanswiss​.com)
     Swissify your posters with ease.
13/​  Seamless Textures (seamlesstextures​.net)
     I can’t believe some of these are seamless, they’re great.
14/​  10 Beautiful And Free Fonts For Web Designers (woork​.blogspot​.com)
     Always found a use for the first one.
15/​  7 Reasons Not To Have Empty Ad Slots On Your Blog (problogger​.net)
     Not that I have ads but this is useful and it bugs me when people have loads of empty slots.

16/​  Beautiful And Creative Examples Of Vibrant Web Designs (sixrevisions​.com)
     Quite a few web design collections I admit but they are good to look at.
17/​  Amazing Billboards (forwardon​.com)
     I think I’ve seen this post before but it’s nice to find it again.
18/​  50 Brilliant Typography Designs To Inspire You (best​-photoshop​-tutorials​.blogspot​.com)
     Helped me with a typography project. Cool collection.
19/​  Top Photoshop Textures (melissa​-brandon​.com)
     Add them to your collection.
20/​  I Am Second (iamsecond​.com) (Below)
     Nicely designed website with purpose and meaning.

21/​  Blog Post Ideas That Always Generate Buzz (thefuturebuzz​.com)
     If you’ve run out of ideas this list can be handy.
22/​  30 Creative Twitter Theme Backgrounds (leemunroe​.com)
     I quite like the design of that website, and this post is good too.
23/​  Do You Recognize These 10 Mental Blocks To Creative Thinking (copyblogger​.com)
    Just came across this randomly while doing some searching, good post.    

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CraigBaldwin (Craig Baldwin) added this comment on 20 Feb 09 at 17:20

Hi Craig! I loved Twecipe. What *can* you do with limes, maple syrup and white bread?? These are some excellent links. Keep it coming and thanks for visiting our blog!

Sarah Crawford added this comment on 10 Apr 09 at 05:10