The week in links 06/03/09

It’s that time of week again, prepare for your weekly injection of design goodness.

1/​  Amazon Exposes 1 Terabyte Of Public Data To Developers (readwriteweb​.com)
     The potentional is pretty limitless with this stuff.
2/​  The Simpsons New Title Sequence (fillslashstroke​.com)
     So I already covered the video, but see the panning shot in full, nice to compare old and new.
3/​  100+ Killer WordPress Resources (blog​.steffanantonas​.com)
     Do you have them all?
4/​  Creative32 (creative32​.com)
     New Photoshop tutorial blog, let’s see what they get up to.
5/​  12 Useful Web Based Twitter Tools! (minervity​.com)
     Well they’re sure useful.

6/​  WPtouch: WordPress On iPhone (bravenewcode​.com)
     This site is now using it, neat little plugin.
7/​  50+ Fonts For Big, Bold Headlines (designm​.ag)
     Need to shout something really loudly? Try these fonts.
8/​  CMYK Pen (behance​.net)
     Really nicely rendered CMYK Pen.
9/​  British Gas (flickr​.com)
     I really like the TV advert so it’s nice to see some high quality photos of the set.
10/​  Urban Camouflage (urbancamouflage​.de) (Below)
     Can you spot him?

11/​  MTV-​ONE Paper Art (designyoutrust​.com)
    I love tactile paper art, this is a great ad.
12/​  5 Recent Rebrands That Caused The Most Upset (logodesignerblog​.com)
    I don’t always agree with the upset, I mean I quite like the 2012 logo *ducks*.
13/​  The Words We Use When We Think About Design, 1984 To 2009 (blog​.ounodesign​.com)
    See how the words we use have changed over time, pretty bar graphs to illustrate.
14/​  How-​To Minimize Load Time For Fast User Experience (uxbooth​.com)
    Optimise your site for the quickest user experience.
15/​  Passive-​Agressive (And Just Plain Aggressive) Notes (passiveagressivenotes​.com)
    See how people vent their annoyances through little notes.

16/​  Sci-​Fi — Six Word Stories (sixwordstories​.net)
     Short and sweet, and generally pretty funny.
17/​  Best Of WordPress In February (wpcount​.com)
     The best of the rest, some really good designs here.
18/​  50 Simple Ways To Gain RSS Subscribers (dailyblogtips​.com)
     People are always looking for ways to gain new RSS subscribers, here’s some tips.
19/​  Arc90 Labs : Experiments : Readability (arc90​.com)
     Find it hard to read things on the web? Try this little bookmarklet to get only the text.
20/​  Introducing The Touch Book (alwaysinnovating​.com)
     This looks really promising if it can go beyond a concept.

21/​  Twitter: We Can Do What Google Can’t (adage​.com)
     Twitter talks big, and has big plans.
22/​  26 Business Cards Of Graphic & Web Designers On Twitter (thedesigncubicle​.com)
    Really nice business cards, good for inspiration.
23/​  Facebook To Launch Redesigned Home Page (insidefacebook​.com)
    Things are changing at Facebook…again.
24/​  10 User News You Must See (abduzeedo​.com)
    The community behind Abduzeedo is always providing links in the user news, here are the best. 
25/​  Black Paper: White Vs. Silver Inks (beastpieces​.com)
    A short post comparing different inks and their appearance.

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