The week in links 12/03/09

Double choc chip with a chocolatey filling. This week’s ‘The Week in Links’ needed editing down because it was going to be over 30 links and that’s starting just to be every link I found so I’ve decided to set a cap of 25 links but after getting rid of the ones I didn’t need it came to less than that.

1/​  The 7 Deadly Sins Of Résumé Design (lifeclever​.com)
    Good to know.
2/​  10 Clean Forum Designs (dezinerfolio​.com)
    Forum design needs love too, here’s some good’uns.
3/​  99 Sites All Designers Must Know About (justcreativedesign​.com)
    Huge list, do you know them all?
4/​  43 Creative Examples Of High Quality Free Icon Sets (smashingapps​.com)
    Nice selection of icons.
5/​  Design Tips From The Designer’s Mouth (designer​-daily​.com)
    Good tips all around.

6/​  20 Cynical Project Management Tips (blog​.techrepublic​.com)
    Sometimes cynical tips are the best of all.
7/​  40 Useful Adobe Illustrator 3D Tutorials And Techniques (sixrevisions​.com)
     Illustrator does more than Vectors.
8/​  5 Simple Ways To Improve Web Typography (webdesignerdepot​.com)
     Well they are pretty simple.
9/​  Inspiration — 5 Amazing Graphic Designers/​Artists (thinkdesignblog​.com)
     All great examples of great design.
10/​  Thru You (thru​-you​.com)
     Kutiman remixes YouTube to make music.

11/​  Beautiful Watercolor Effects In Web Design (myinkblog​.com)
    Tweeted about this earlier and people quite liked it.
12/​  100 Free Useful Applications For Mac, Part I (hongkiat​.com)
    A big number, free, apps, all good elements of a post title.
13/​  20 Cool App Website Designers (outlawdesignblog​.com)
    Cool apps, cool websites.
14/​  Pattie Maes Demos The Sixth Sense (ted​.com)
    This looks pretty awesome.
15/​  8 Useful WordPress SQL Hacks (smashingmagazine​.com)
    Sometimes WordPress needs a little hacking to get it do what you want.

16/​  The 30 Best Photoshop Tutorials Of February 2009 (tutorialmagazine​.com)
    Never seen this site before, looks great.
17/​  iMac Shuffle (imacshuffle​.com)
    Heh, you’ve got to wonder, I kid I kid.
18/​  34 Super Cool Photoshop Brushes (graphicfetish​.com)
    Super cool!? Blimey, must be awesome!
19/​  Operating System Interface Design Between 19812009 (webdesignerdepot​.com)
    Very interesting post looking OS design.
20/​  iPhone OS 3.0 Is Coming, Preview On March 17th (engadget​.com)
    Let’s see what they have up their sleeves to fight off the Palm Pre.

21/​  25+ 3D Studio Max Best Of Tutorials & Resources (noupe​.com)
     Some 3D skills will go far nowadays.
22/​  50 Mac Desktops For Maximum Visual Goodness (mac​.appstorm​.net)
     Finally found a new wallpaper that was good enough to replace my old one. 

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