The week in links 27/03/09

Glazed with a double Créme filling. This week’s week in links.

1/​  Goodbye Google (stopdesign​.com)
    A fascinating insight into the design workings of Google.
2/​  Font Squirrel (fontsquirrel​.com)
    Handpicked free fonts with commerical licenses.
3/​  30 Creative Examples Of Illustrations In Web Design (sixrevisions​.com)
    See how people use Illustrations in web design.
4/​  Grid Based Design Toolbox (fuelyourcreativity​.com)
     Missed this but it’s definitely worth a looking.
5/​  4 Principles Of Good Design For Websites (myinkblog​.com)
     And the websites that are designed well.

6/​  15 Brilliant & Clever Business Card Designs (weburbanist​.com)
     Another collection of brilliant card designs.
7/​  12 Ways To Add Randomness And Creativity To Your Photography (digital​-photography​-school​.com)
     Mind the annoying RSS pop up, good article though.
8/​  70 Excellent Photoshop Resources (sixrevisions​.com)
     Huge post, not sure how you could look at all of these everyday.
9/​  20+ Cheat Sheets Handy For Designers (webresourcesdepot​.com)
     Cheat sheets for keyboard shortcuts, tools and more.
10/​  How Much Should I Charge For My Advertising Space? (problogger​.net)
     A pretty tough question with good answers.

11/​  Honda — The Power Of Dreams (dreams​.honda​.com)
     Really interesting set of short films on success and innovation at Honda.
12/​  Gadgets And Designs Made From Chocolate (toxel​.com)
     Mmm, chocolate to well designed to eat.
13/​  Children Book Illustrations Showcase (tutorial9​.net)
     It’s nice to see how people illustrate for children.
14/​  The Ultimate Guide For Everything Twitter (webdesignerdepot​.com)
     Covers everything you’d need to know about Twitter.
15/​  MacHeist (macheist​.com)
     Get a bundle of software for a lot less, some goes to charity, EventBox is free.

16/​  25 Free Mac Apps For Freelancers (designer​-daily​.com)
     Good selection of apps, with Windows alternatives listed.
17/​  Twitter Confirms Paid Pro Accounts On The Way (businessinsider​.com)
     Looks like Twitter is finally going to make some money.
18/​  OnLive: The Future Of Video Games (onlive​.com)
     Great concept, stream the game to you so you don’t need expensive hardware.
19/​  14 Most Productive Adobe AIR Applications (techizzles​.com)
     AIR is a great platform I feel, and these are some great apps.
20/​  43 Really Useful Photoshop Tutorials For Excellent 3D Effects (smashingapps​.com)
     Create a 3D look and feel to your Photoshop work.

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