50+ Sites And Posts To Find The Right Wallpaper For You

They are the first thing you see everytime you use your computer so it’s important to have the right wallpaper on your desktop, I always find that choosing the right wallpaper is a difficult task; you have to like it enough to see it everyday, unless you use a wallpaper changer. It becomes an even harder task when you have two monitors that are different resolutions, but that might just be me.

These sites contain loads of quality wallpapers covering every category imaginable, you’re bound to find the right wallpaper for you on one of these sites.

If you think I’ve missed a good site shoot me a comment and I’ll add it.






70+ Beautiful Dual Monitors Wallpapers | 60+ Absolutely Stunning Space And Planets Wallpapers


Desktop Nexus

Fuel Your Creativity

Nerd Business

218 HD Resolution Desktop Wallpapers For Nerds


Flickr Wallpaper Search Engine | Flickr Wallpaper Pool (1024 x 768 Minimum) | Mandolux’s Photostream

Digital Blasphemy


Outlaw Design Blog

63 Wallpapers For Designers | 50 More Wallpapers For Designers



35 Gorgeous Black Wallpapers | Videgame Remakes By Orioto | 15 Great FWA Wallpapers

Smashing Magazine

Selected Wallpapers: For Desktop & Web-​Design | 70 Beautiful Dual-​Screen Wallpapers

N.Design Studio




30+ Creative Hi-​Res Wallpapers Only For Designers | 50 High-​Res Apple, MacOS And iPhone Wallpapers

Web Design Blog

46 High Definition Landscape Wallpapers | 38 Awesome High Quality Wallpapers

Poolga iPhone Wallpapers

Airbag iPhone Wallpapers


Social Wallpapering

Mostly Saving Money

132 Cool Firefox Wallpapers — 1600 x 1200 Resolution


Mike Swanson's Blog


We Find Stuff

30 Gorgeous Apple/​Mac Wallpapers | 50 Sweet Music Wallpapers | 70 Gorgeous Game Wallpapers

Boys On Candy



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50+ Sites And Posts To Find The Right Wallpaper For You http://​tinyurl​.com/​c​dq6d3

azrillunatic (Azril) added this comment on 22 Apr 09 at 12:19

I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work. A Happy New Year. http://​www​.wallpapers​.byetsoft​.eu

wallpapers added this comment on 01 Jan 10 at 12:09

I’ll just add wallpaperstoiphone​.com to this list, it has more than 1000 images

wiphone added this comment on 27 Feb 10 at 15:22

Love the wallpapers. I just wrote something on my blog about using Flickr to get desktop wallpaper images. Alot of us know that you can download images from flickr. I recently found a program called Downloadr. It downloads whole groups of images from Flickr very fast!

Jeremy Ashburn added this comment on 09 May 10 at 22:23