The week in links 10/04/09

This week’s week in links, starting next week I’ve started dividing between links and works so there will be a separate post for quality work I’ve seen throughout the week.

1/​  Underwater Scenes In Modern Web Design (pixelapnea​.com)
     Some awesome designs, I especially like the tall webpage one.
2/​  50 Webdesign Blogs With The Highest Google PR (mogdesign​.eu)
     It’s good to know I’ve heard of all the best webdesign blogs.
3/​  Weekly Vector Inspiration #12 (vectips​.com)
     I love vector illustrations, so these weekly posts are great.
4/​  Ball Pool (chromeexperiments​.com)
     For those of you using Chrome try this little experiment out, it’s great fun.
5/​  25 Most Useful Blogs For Web Design & Development (webappers​.com)
     There’s lots of them out there, but these ones are the best.

6/​  35 Awesome User Interface Design Tutorials (problogdesign​.com)
     Lots of work when into these great tutorials.
7/​  Accused! — Jon Engle (Google Cache)
     Captured the hearts and minds of many…
8/​  Reddit Comments (reddit​.com)
     But turned out to be a fraud and a lie.
9/​  15 Essential Checks Before Launching Your Website (smashingmagazine​.com)
     Wished I’d known some of these.
10/​  4 Awesome Portfolio Design Trends (azadcreative​.com)
     Got to keep up to date on these sort of things.

11/​  10 Quick & Easy Ways To Maximise Your Twitter Experience (twittercism​.com)
     I’d say to use Destroy Twitter instead of TweetDeck but that’s just me.
12/​  30 Cool Creative Cartoon Character Tutorials (creativenerds​.co​.uk)
     High quality characters with high quality tutorials.
13/​  Russian Wall-​E Case Mod (englishrussia​.com)
     This is a great PC case mod.
14/​  35 Creative And Colorful WordPress Themes (tutorial9​.net)
     I was a little worried about look at these in case I wanted to change my theme again.
15/​  One CSS (onecss​.com)
    CSS website gallery, great designs featured. 

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ROOOFL!!!! i like the Obama LOTR striP!

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