The week in links 08/05/09

Just so everyone knows I’ve been major busy with my University work as the end of Semester nears, hence no posts except these ones hope to have a post of what I’m working on though.

Graphic Design, Social Media & Career

The Biggest Ever List Of Graphic Design Blogs? (proofhq​.com)
Really conclusive list of blogs, I’m on it too!
Evolution Of Photoshop: 19882009 (hongkiat​.com)
Oh how Photoshop has come on leaps and bounds.
10 Most Extraordinary Twitter Updates (mashable​.com)
See how people are using Twitter in strange ways.
10 Simple Steps To Landing More Gigs (freelanceswitch​.com)
Getting more work is always good.
Twitter Is A Tool For Ambient Awareness (twitip​.com)
This is the most spot on description of what Twitter is to me.
Twitter Search To Become Real Search (mashable​.com)
Twitter’s future looks interesting.
30 Absolutely Breathtaking, Beyond Awesome Digital Portrait Artworks (psdvault​.com)
Great illustrations.

Web Design & WordPress

Stunning Modern Websites Design (designartwall​.com)
The cutting edge of website design on a new inspiration blog.
20 Websites With Beautiful Typography (queness​.com)
The first one is probably my favourite.
6 WordPress Plugins That Help Your Blog’s Maintenance (designer​-daily​.com)
Make your blog do some of the leg work for you.


How To Build Your Own Single Page Portfolio Website (blog​.spoongraphics​.co​.uk)
Simple, effective Portfolio design.
Best Tutorials For Cinematic Visual Effects (smashingmagazine​.com)   
My goodness some of these are amazing.


Embrace Your Creative Clutter (thefuturebuzz​.com)
Gotta say I live in a bit of a mess when I get deep into the middle of a project.
Faces Of New York (simonhoegsberg​.com)
Unique idea focusing on the face of a person and getting their thoughts on their own face.
Show Me What You’re Working With… (interactiveblend​.com)
As ever I love to see people’s desktop set up.
Top 10 “Not Your Average” iPhone Apps You Should Definitely Touch (inspiredm​.com)
Great to see people thinking outside the box.

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