The week in links 12/06/09

Graphic Design, Portfolios & Career

Louise Zergaeng Pomeroy (booooooom​.com)
Winner of D&ADs new new blood award.
Degree Or No Degree? (gomediazine​.com)
Well I’m enjoying mine, but I don’t know if I really need it.
40 Really Awesome Resources For Design Inspiration (blog​.themeforest​.net)
Go get inspired.
10 Inspiring Portfolios (daily​.creattica​.com)
Nice collection.
45 Superb Light Effects (abduzeedo​.com)
Super shiny, super bright light effects.
Left-​Brained Vs. Right-​Brained (myinkblog​.com)
I was definitely left brained during school, don’t know about now.
5 Tips For College Freelancers (freelanceswitch​.com)
Some useful tips while you’re at College.

Web Design, Browsers & SEO

50 Beautiful Flash Websites (smashingmagazine​.com)
Not always a fan but these are really nice designs.
Flash #Fail (nikibrown​.com)
Having said that, not all Flash sites are that great.
25 Stylish Examples Of Web Forms (sixrevisions​.com)
A focus on the lesser noticed parts of a website.
50 Alluring Typography And Grid Focused Websites (thedesigncubicle​.com)
Nice bit of website design.
When Someone Googles Your Name, What Do You Want To Happen? (hellomynameisscott​.blogspot​.com)
Good ideas to be found here.
Demo: Firefox 3.5 Treats Videos Like Web Pages (techcrunch​.com)
Interesting development, now if Google can put this in Chrome I’d be happy.
Taking Typography Seriously (redswish​.co​.uk)
Typography is important, take it seriously.

Tutorials & Resources

Retro Futurism At Its Best: Designs And Tutorials (smashingmagazine​.com)
Some good old fashioned futuristic retro. Err, what.
60+ Awesome Grunge Fonts That Every Designer Should Collect (webdesignbooth​.com)
Useful for the next tutorial perhaps?
Design A Cartoon Grunge Web Site Layout (psd​.tutsplus​.com)
I really like the end result.


It’s Official: Futurama Is Reborn! (ausiellofiles​.ew​.com)
Best news ever in the whole world, 26 new episodes of Futurama in 2010.
Facebook Username (facebook​.com)
You ready to get your Facebook vanity URL?
Apple’s Cool Matrix-​Style App Wall (techcrunch​.com)
One of the best things about this year’s WWDC.
Newton Virus (troika​.uk​.com)
It’s finally out, the most stylish virus you can get.
IncSpring Becomes Brandstack (pitchengine​.com)
New name to include new things to sell.
Google Vs. Bing: The Blind Taste Test (mashable​.com)
They all seem the same to me, Google is just more accessible.
10 Creative And Unusual Camping Tents (toxel​.com)
Going camping this summer? Check out these tents.
Fuel Your Apps (fuelyourapps​.com)
A new Fuel brand network website launches.
App For That (appft​.com)
Little bit of humour.

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