The week in links 19/06/09

Graphic Design, Typography & Photography

D&AD Winners Announced (creativereview​.co​.uk)
The winners are announced, and it’s not look great to UK design entries.
Feedback. The Creativity Killer. (sixrevisions​.com)
Feedback, everyone thinks they know best on design, here’s how to deal with it.
Fuel Your Photography (fuelyourphotography​.com)
New Fuel brand website launched this week.
45 Great Tilt-​Shift Photographs (abduzeedo​.com)
Doing some work on tilt-​shift so this post was very handy.
25 Excellent Typography Tools For The Serious Designer (sixrevisions​.com)
Six Revisions were really pumping out the good articles this week.
60 Rare And Unusual Vintage Signs (smashingmagazine​.com)
Vintage stuff, not always a fan of vintage but I quite like these.
25 Amazing Retro Web Sites For Your Inspiration (pvmgarage​.com)
Continuing the retro vintage vibe.
Your Best “Not Free” Fonts (sharebrain​.info)
Not all fonts are free, and these are the best.
How To Make An Eye-​Catching Logo (crazyleafdesign​.com)
A short and sweet article on eye catching logo design.
20 Creative And Unique Typefaces (sixrevisions​.com)
Some pretty strange ones here.

Web Design, Browsers & WordPress

Opera Unite (unite​.opera​.com)
You really need to try this out, use Opera to turn your PC into an Internet media computer.
10 Web Design Rules That You Can Break (webdesignerdepot​.com)
Think outside the box and all that, break some rules.
Free WordPress Theme: WP Typo (css​-tricks​.com)
A nice and simple type focused WordPress theme.
The Ultimate WordPress 2.8 Optimization Guide (storecrowd​.com)
WordPress 2.8 is out, optimise yours.
13 Most Important Things To Do When Changing WordPress Theme (techpp​.com)
Changing your WordPress theme, I know I’m working on it.
20 Most Beautiful Free WordPress Themes (10steps​.sg)
Each collection brings some new ones to the table.
30 Creative Javascript Navigation Menu Examples (1stwebdesigner​.com)
Pretty important part of web design, here are some great examples.
Weekly 30 Inspirational Websites #34 (designyourway​.net)
A fine collection of website design.

Tutorials & Resources

40 Top-​Notch Print Based Tutorials (tutorial9​.net)
Top notch indeed.
Friday Fresh Fonts #1 (abduzeedo​.com)
Another weekly post I’m look forward to, great fonts this week.
46 Stunning High Resolution Photoshop Light Effect Brushes (colorburned​.com)
Great set of brushes.
How To Design A Stunning, 3D, Sunset Type Illustration (psd​.tutsplus​.com)
Learn a bit about Cinema 4D, good tutorial.
26 Beautiful Photoshop Tutorials (sixrevisions​.com)
Designing a poster? Have a look at these tutorials for help and inspiration.
How To Use Simple Shapes And Masks To Make An Entire Animation (greyscalegorilla​.com)
Featured on AE Tutsplus, use After Effect to make an animation using shapes and masks.


The Bloody Apprentice (cassetteboy​.wordpress​.com)
Like the UK Apprentice? Then you’ll probably find this hilarious.
iPhone OS 3.0 Just Launched. Here Are 20 Things To Check Out. (mobilecrunch​.com)
It came out this week, have you used everything that’s new yet?
2 1/2-Months-To-New-Year’s-Resolutions Resolution (newresolution​.tumblr​.com)
Some lovely little messages, all of them quite thought provoking.
How Would You Improve Your Graphic Design Studio Or Office? (eightyonedesign​.co​.uk)
I would love to work in the Selgas Cano office.
Photos: Nocturnal Gundam (pinktentacle​.com)
The 59 foot Gundam statue in Japan is complete, mighty fine look robot.

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