The week in links 31/07/09

Graphic Design, Illustration & Photography

5 Business Card Photography Tips (youthedesigner​.com)

PNG Optimization Guide: More Clever Techniques (smashingmagazine​.com)

40 Fresh Creative And Inspiring Photographs (hongkiat​.com)

65 Awesome Threadless Shirts (abduzeedo​.com)

50 Beautiful Photographs Of A Cloudy Day (pelfusion​.com)

Illustrator On Flickr (darkmotion​.com)

The ‘Hows’ Of Pricing Your Design Work (thedesigncubicle​.com)

50 Eye-​Popping Examples Of Concept Art (webdesignerdepot​.com)

Re-​Design, Design And Re-​Design — This Post Took Over 2000 Hours Of Work! (styl​.eti​.me)

Web Design, WordPress & Blogging

How Safe Are Web-​Safe Font Families Really? (tripwiremagazine​.com)

Get Creative With Your Domain Names (smashingmagzine​.com)

How To Increase Your RSS Subscriber Numbers (brianyerkes​.com)

Design Checklist Before You Finalize Any Web Project (merttol​.com)

Stop Counting Clicks (uxbooth​.com)

15 Essential WordPress Plugins For Aspiring Designers (line25​.com)

6 Easy Ways To Cure A Nasty Case Of Redesign-​itis (spyrestudios​.com)

Web Design Trend Hunting — The Circle As A Design Fetish & 20 Fresh Examples (inspiredm​.com)

Tutorials & Resources

20 Incredible Sunrise Wallpapers Caught In Space (sixrevisions​.com)

49 Top Sites And Collections To Find Free Icon Sets (1stwebdesigner​.com)


Adobe Airs Apps And WordPress sIFR (styl​.eti​.me)

Providing Dynamically Changeable Physical Buttons On A Visual Display (chrisharrison​.net)

Amazon Acquisitions And Investments (meettheboss​.com)

Spotify For iPhone (youtube​.com)

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