The week in links 02/10/09

Graphic Design, Photography, Advertising, Typography & Career

8 Significant Trends In Photography Website Design (readyphotosite​.com)

Beautiful Examples Of Kinetic Photography (smashingmagazine​.com)

24 Designers You’ve Never Seen On A List Before (bkmacdaddy​.com)

15 Attention Grabbing Environmental Ad Campaigns (designerscouch​.org)

20 Examples Of Minimalist Photography (smashandpeas​.com)

34 Excellent Punctuation Inspired Logo Designs (spyrestudios​.com)

10 Tips On Communicating With Difficult Web Design Clients (shayhowe​.com)

10 Reasons Why I Prefer Fireworks CS4 To Photoshop For Web Design (boagworld​.com)

The Best Books For Freelancers (freelanceswitch​.com)

Web Design, Coding & WordPress

Enhance The Readability Of Your Small Business Website (smallbusiness​.pixelcrayons​.com)

Ultimate IE6 Cheatsheet: How To Fix 25+ Internet Explorer 6 Bugs (virtuosimedia​.com)

77 Inspiring Blog Comment Form Designs — Good Examples (1stwebdesigner​.com)

33 WordPress Plugins To Power Up Your Comment Section (1stwebdesigner​.com)

Why Noupe​.com Is Loading So Much Faster? (noupe​.com)

10 Easy jQuery Tricks For Designers (sixrevisions​.com)

14 Best Online Typography Tools For Web Designers (webdesignledger​.com)

The Next Serif Trend (webdesignerwall​.com)

The History Of Web Browsers (sixrevisions​.com)

10 Creative Magazines With Blog & Twitter Friendly Websites (inspiredm​.com)


35 Futuristic Illustrations Of Robot Art (webdesignerdepot​.com)

10 Simple Ways To Instantly Boost Your Inspiration (inspiredm​.com)

75+ Imaginary Advertising Design Ideas By deviantART (dzinepress​.com)

10 Cutting Edge Folded Paper Artists (cartridgesave​.co​.uk)

8 Designers Who Never Fail To Inspire (myinkblog​.com)

40 Very Colourful Websites (inspiredology​.com)

50 Stunning Examples Of The Droste Effect (webdesignerdepot​.com)

37 New 3D Typography Effects (youthedesigner​.com)

Tutorials, Fonts, Brushes & Freebies

43 Photoshop Tutorials For Grunge Style (acrisdesign​.com)

76 Dirty, Extreme And Creative Free Grunge Fonts (1stwebdesigner​.com)

16 Hi-​Res Splatter Brushes (psd​.tutsplus​.com)

200+ Adobe Fireworks Tutorials For Web Designers (techieblogger​.com)

18 New Design Freebies (youthedesigner​.com)

Really Useful Tutorials You Should Have Read In September 2009 (w3avenue​.com)


30 Excellent Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPhone (iphonedownloadblog​.com)

25 Extreme Desktop Customizations + Tools To Customize Your Own (visionwidget​.com)

Tweetie 2 For The iPhone (atebits​.cachefly​.net)

35+ Twitter AIR Applications (flashuser​.net)

Google Maps Downloader Offline Maps (ghacks​.net)

30 Beautiful And Inspiring Nature Wallpapers (theroxor​.com)

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