The week in links 09/11/09

Graphic Design

Design Showdown: iPod Vs Zune (freelancereview​.net)

Make Your Text More Readable (merttol​.com)

20 Magnificent Magazine Covers In Recent Years (youthedesigner​.com)

Getting Design Work In The Recession (dailydesignmag​.com)

14 Examples Of Literal Product Design (toxel​.com)

The Future Of Interface Design (uxbooth​.com)

10 Common Mistakes In Logo Design (smashingmagazine​.com)

How To Work With Long-​Distance Clients (paper​-leaf​.com)

Web Design & WordPress

Tips For Fortifying Your WordPress Site (myinkblog​.com)

4 Things You Should Track On Your Blog Or Website (designer​-daily​.com)

15 Clean And Creative Emails And Creative Email Designs (gooddogcreative​.com)

Why We Should All Be Forward Thinking (kamikazemusic​.com)

20 Useful & Nicely Design Web Applications (webappers​.com)

Common Mistakes Make In Web Design (pickysite​.com)

5 Ways To Increase Comments On Your Blog (creativeoverflow​.net)

30 Fresh & Priceless WordPress Themes Out In October (inspiredm​.com)

Examples Of Excellent Blog Post Formatting And Styling (vandelaydesign​.com)

How Do Web Design And Development Companies Find Their Client? (thewebsqueeze​.com)


31 Creative Uses Of Typography In Web Design (thedesignmag​.com)

57 Winter Photography Poster Inspiration (blog​.onlineposterprinting​.com)

30 Creative Adidas Ads (webdesignfan​.com)

16 Amusing Elevator Adverts (advertt​.com)

25 Creative Office Ideas To Make The Coolest Workplaces (jobmob​.co​.il)

52 Beautiful Black And White Websites (inspirationti​.me)

Creative And Cool Packaging Designs (creativerepository​.com)

10 Fresh Blogs For Visual Inspiration — The November Edition (inspiredm​.com)

30 Clever Coaster Designs (youthedesigner​.com)

30 Unique And Artistic Website Designs (pelfusion​.com)

Tutorials & Resources

50+ Exceptional Collections Of Typography Tutorials (smashingbuzz​.com)

44 Kickin’ AE Tutorials (ae​.tutsplus​.com)

Create A Hovering Scroll To Top Button With jQuery (cherrysave​.com)

3 New And Amazing CSS Tricks Every Web Designer Must Know (woobzine​.com)

3 Javascript Maps (denbagus​.net)

750+ Stunning Icons In 49 Icon Packages (designbeep​.com)

Other & Social

600+ Dual Monitor Wallpapers Collection + Huge List Of Resources (2expertsdesign​.com)

Don’t Stick It In Their Mouth — How To ReTweet (un​-marketing​.com)

43 New Typography Wallpapers For Type Fanatics (littleboxofideas​.com)

80+ Typography Related Twitter Accounts To Follow (spyrestudios​.com)

6 Ways To Stop Procrastinating (deltadesignz​.com)

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