New theme: Quilt (taking back the type)

So you will have probably noticed if you’re reading this on site I’ve changed my theme (again) but this time for a very good reason, I’m taking back the type. In hindsight the previous theme was a travesty to those who wanted to read, the white type on the red canvas background was not a legible sight and so here’s Quilt.

With this theme I’ve gone back to a white background, kept it simple and hopefully kept it minimal. It’s heavily based on Hemingway with a few tweaks and extra functions added by me. These include post thumbnails, a wider site design (sadly you’re going to need something bigger than 1024 to fit it all in now), social functions in the sidebar, jQuery to the top button and a more fitting colour scheme.

As this is a more typographically orientated design I’ve also re-​enabled WP-​Typography, previously I had a few problems with it but I’m hoping they’ve all been sorted by now and will provide a better typographic experience. I’ve also gotten rid of the SexyBookmarks buttons, I’ve never really like them and they never seem to fit in properly though I suppose that’s their suppose; to stand out.

I hope you enjoy this new theme, and I hope I stick with it.

Edit: I forgot to say originally I’ve also removed the URL field from the comments as I was receiving so much spam because of it, I was getting bored with it all even if it was mostly caught by Akismet I just felt the need to get rid of the temptation.

3 Responses to “New theme: Quilt (taking back the type)”

I Like it! really!

keep up all the good work, nice blog.

iloveunununium added this comment on 10 Dec 09 at 22:49

What were your previous problems with wp-​Typography? If there is an unaddressed problem with the plugin, I’d love to fix it.

Jeff King added this comment on 10 Dec 09 at 23:05

@iloveunununium Thanks very much, I’m hoping to post some content that takes full advantage of it soon.

@Jeff King I have a feeling this was before version 1 was released, I used to have problems with memory (though that is probably a problem on my end) and every so often it would say there was an error on line # and not go any further. But judging by the fact I haven’t had any problems with it so far I’m guessing they’ve all been fixed.

Thanks for the great plugin.

Craig Baldwin added this comment on 11 Dec 09 at 09:23