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After reading this excellent post I realised just how many blog posts there are out there that are just link posts. Design gets inbred if it keeps going over the same subject matter, imagine how much progress could be made if instead of just making list posts linking to other people’s work they worked on posts that encouraged collaboration and conversation.

So I set out to find Blogs that offer only posts about design, and not links to other design posts. Now of course the trouble with this post is the hypocrisy, I am listing these blogs but I hope you’ll forgive it for the insight these blogs will give you. Listed in alphabetical order.

A List Apart

Well, A List Apart has been a consistent publisher of high quality editorial for quite a long time now and I’m sure anyone who makes websites finds it an invaluable resource, no rubbishy lists found here just quality articles that are well written. If you find yourself with a minute I’d recommend reading about A List Apart’s history so you can find out a whole lot more.

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A Way Back

A Way Back is the blog of Amrinder Sandhu (as you can probably read) and has recently put itself on the map with a very thorough review of the Smashing Magazine blog redesign, some feel all the changes are not required, he even went as far as to code an example of what Smashing Magazine might look like with his changes (which I quite like). I hope to see equally in depth reviews as all his points help me think about my own blog design (a rather inadequate design in hindsight).

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Brand New

As you can probably discern from the name Brand New is all about branding, bringing you the latest news on brands around the world what I love about Brand New (besides it’s excellent editorial and the amount of work that goes into the posts that is) is the polls that new brands come with so you can see how readers feel about the latest news and get a general reaction from the design community. For instance you may be surprised that quite a few people are willing to give the new AOL identity a change, as am I, it’s not really that bad.

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Creative Review Blog

This one needs little introduction, CR Blog is the blog of popular design and photography monthly magazine Creative Review. It’s stands to reason they post good online content and of course their magazine is great as well.

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Well, Drawar is what prompted me to rethink dot Blog, its design, what I post and to expect a whole lot more from the blogs I read in my RSS feed so I have it to thank for making me realise design blog posts can be a whole lot better. And the posts since then have been to an equally high standard as well.

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Dustin Curtis

You’ve probably heard of Dustin Curtis before, his blog being one of the few that take an unusual approach to publishing content, using a unique layout for each post that best reflects its content, much like a normal magazine would really. And the content is quality stuff as well of course, with plenty of issues raised to think about. (Just a note: I didn’t really know what to take a screenshot of as the homepage is an index and the latest post was a guest article)

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I Love Typography

Who doesn’t know i love typography? It’s where you go to catch up with the latest and greatest in the typographic world, a beautifully laid out website as well with (as you would expect) brilliant use of typography. John Boardley and the contributing writers show a passion for typography that to be honest I didn’t think one could have but it is pretty infectious.

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idsgn posts real posts about the state of design in the world, keeping track of graphic design, branding and typography and what’s more is that it’s all pulled together in one of my favourite blog designs out there, it’s just such a great website to use. It’s never had a list post, it’s just about design, it’s relatively new but I feel the ‘new’ label is slightly wearing now, it’s established itself pretty well.

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Justin Santa Maria

One of the original individually designed article Blogs (even if the past few haven’t been that customised), Justin Santa Maria’s blog discusses various issues about design and is a worthwhile read. Is there really anything else I need to say?

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md words

I’ve noticed in his tweets that Mark Dudlik is confident in his opinion, an opinion that can be divisive but what is design if not a matter of opinion. md words is his space to extend his thoughts and although a few of the earlier posts deal with more personal issues the latest post ‘Defining Design’ puts forward a strong opinion of what design is, and invites people to discuss it which is all quite interesting.

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Mert TOL

Mert TOL is the blog of Mert Tol, creative director and owner of Medyanadolu Creative Media and has regular in depth posts about a wide range of topics, they go into quite a lot of detail and provides the valuable insight of an active and knowledable member of the design community. I mean design wise I’m not that keen on the colours but that’s just a personal disagreement.

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Seth Godin's Blog

Seth Godin is a best selling author with numerous published books and in his blog he talks about a large range of topics concerning what I’d say is the business side of design, his books and his experiences in design which I think are pretty invaluable to the would be design entrepreneur.

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The Designer's Review Of Books

As the name suggest, The Designer’s Review Of Books is a review site for books, they go into plenty of detail with lots of lovely high quality photography, I’d recommend that if they have a review of a book you are about to buy you have a look at what they thought of it, though that’s common sense.

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Tripping Words

I only recently came across Tripping Words (thank you Design Mag RSS feed) and was initially a little disorientated by the design to be honest but once I overcame that I realised how high the quality was on all the posts I’ve read thus far it is a very impressive and would definitely recommend having a look for yourself.


Further Reading

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Hope you enjoyed the post, be sure to comment anymore blogs you’d recommend.

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