The week in links 14/12/09

Graphic Design

Ten Steps To The Right Paper (creativepro​.com)

A Primer On Keeping The Creative Flame Alive (trippingwords​.com)

The Dos And Do Nots Of Brand (carsonified​.com)

Where Do You Work? (designinformer​.com)

Minimalism Is Mandatory (drawar​.com)

How To Explain To Clients They Are Wrong (smashingmagazine​.com)

Famous Redesigned Logos Of 2009 (logoblog​.org)

How To Deal With Feature Creep (webdesignerdepot​.com)

A Look At Some Car Companies Logo Design Evolution (designer​-daily​.com)

Learn To F***ing Spell (iampaddy​.com)

Graphic Design Inspiration

60 Humorous Print Advertisements To Tickle Your Bones (onextrapixel​.com)

Lovely Package Does Alcohol (davidairey​.com)

Out Of This World Typography (designinformer​.com)

25 Excellent Advertisements On Environmental Issues (netastica​.blogspot​.com)

Web Design & Blogging

Designing With Content In Mind (thedesigncubicle​.com)

Wikipedia Redesign: What’s In Store? (webdesignerdepot​.com)

Branding On The Web: The Identity Dilemma (trippingwords​.com)

Writing User Friendly Content (uxbooth​.com)

When Minimalism Backfires: When Too Little Is Not Enough (webdesignerdepot​.com)

What Is A Web Designer Responsible For? (vanseodesign​.com)

Share Your Web Design Prices Anonymously (thewebdesignblog​.com)

The 10 Most Expensive Blogs Of All Times (catswhoblog​.com)

When Can I Use… (

A Look At How Browsers Download And Render CSS Background Images (ravelrumba​.com)

Tutorials & Resources

100 Best Photoshop Tutorials From 2009 (creativenerds​.co​.uk)

Create A Clean And Elegant WordPress Theme (grafpedia​.com)

Icon Fever (iconfever​.com)

Custom Fonts Embedding: No Hacks, No Javascript, No Flash (giordanopiazza​.com)

Playing With CSS3 (abduzeedo​.com)

Sweet Tabbed Navigation Bar Using CSS3 (marcofolio​.net)

Free Smashing Christmas Icon Set (smashingmagazine​.com)

How To Create A Clean 3D Notepad In Photoshop (tutorial9​.net)

HTML5 CSS3 Starting Template (kamikazemusic​.com)

Cardboard Textures (texturezine​.com)

Apps, Social & Other

A Collection Of Ten Inspiring Ideas (180360720​.no)

The Twelve Days Of Design: Our Holiday Gift Guide (idsgn​.org)

Cool Folding Keyboard Concept (toxel​.com)

Here’s An Idea — A Site All For Ideas (istartedsomething​.com)

Designing The Browser Of The Future (macstories​.net)

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Thanks for mentioning my post (25 Excellent Advertisements On Environmental Issues) in this awesome list!


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