The week in links 21/12/09

Graphic Design

The Worst Photoshop Disasters Of The Decade (abduzeedo​.com)

6 Reasons Why You Should Do Personal Design Projects (sixrevisions​.com)

Don’t Use Black For Shadows (css​-tricks​.com)

World’s Top 10 Most Successful Logo Designers (pxleyes​.com)

7 Questions, 7 Designers — Day 1 (blog​.echoenduring​.com)

What Is The Difference Between A Font And A Typeface? (thefloatingfrog​.co​.uk)

The Best And Worst Identities Of 2009 (underconsideration​.com/​b​r​a​ndnew)

Graphic Design Inspiration

55+ The Best Advertisement Campaigns By AdsOfTheWorld (smashingbuzz​.com)

Business Cards: Collection Of Inspirational Designs (designrfix​.com)

10 Outstandingly Clever Artists (mymodernmet​.com)

30 Great Examples Of Data Visualisation (theroxor​.com)

30 Wonderful Aurora Borealis Photos (webdesignfan​.com)

Web Design & Blogging

How To Fully Secure Your WordPress Blog (creativeoverflow​.net)

How To Avoid And Relieve The Devastating Effects Of Eye Strains (colorburned​.com)

Factors That Effect Usability (sixrevisions​.com)

Why Not Create A Stir, Stink Or A Buzz? (fuelyourblogging​.com)

Stronger, Better, Faster Design with CSS3 (smashingmagazine​.com)

Simple Tips To Prevent And Deal With Content And Design Theft (spyrestudios​.com)

Don’t Let Ads Kill Your Site (drawar​.com)

9 Things You Should Be Doing For Your Web Design Projects Over The Holidays (clecompte​.com)

WordPress 2.9 Enhancements Every Developer Must Know (w3avenue​.com)

50 Best Web Design Blog Posts In 2009 (webdesigndev​.com)

Web Design Inspiration

35 CSS-​Based Layouts That Look Awesome (net​.tutsplus​.com)

Tutorials & Resources

Where Do You Find Big Companies Vector Logos For Free? (designer​-daily​.com)

Free Textures — 21 High-​Res Texas Snow Textures (thinkdesignblog​.com)

Reader Tutorial: Geometric Flower Effect  Logo In Illustrator (abduzeedo​.com)

Out Of This World Tutorials (designinformer​.com)

50 Beautiful Free Icon Sets For Your Next Design (smashingmagazine​.com)

3D CSS Parallax Effect (ajaxian​.com)

Unveiling Photoshop Masks (smashingmagazine​.com)

10 Awesome Free Hand-​Drawn Fonts (paper​-leaf​.com)

Apps, Social & Other

Enter The Ginormous Christmas Giveaway (designinformer​.com)

The Best Books For Freelance Graphic Designers (freelanceswitch​.com)

10 Things UX Geeks Want For Christmas (johnnyholland​.com)

25 Awesome Gift Ideas For Designers & Developers (sixrevisions​.com)

15 Biggest Internet Controversies Of The Past Decade (sixrevisions​.com)

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