24 Cutting Edge Rendered Conceptual Car Designs

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Concept car design is an opportunity for designers to unleash their wildest ideas and propose outlandish innovation. Customer reaction to new styling and technology can be gauged by unveiling new concepts, and it is also a means of testing the limits of automobile evolution. While some of the proposals set out by transport designers may seem unrealistic on first inspection, it is exactly this type of bold thinking that will tackle the challenges faced in an ever-​changing world of congested roads and climate change. This post brings together a collection of 24 inspirational and cutting edge designs, beautifully rendered using software packages including Photoshop, 3D Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Lightwave 3D and Maya.

1. Phoenix Concept

Designer Sergio Loureiro Da Silva presents the Phoenix concept car, a rocket-​red vehicle with a catamaran-​style chassis that aims for energy efficiency and sustainable innovation. The Spaniard states that, “the beauty of a vehicle comes from the contrast of a fluid shape with precise technical elements.”

2. Maserati Kuba Concept

This sleek Maserati Kuba concept features over-​sized wheels, LED indicator strips and tinted windows. The designer of this speculative model describes it as a “brutal crossover”, due in part to its coupe-​style lines and rear end.

3. Lexus Nuareo Concept

This concept by Swedish vehicle designer Jon Radbrink aims for sustainability by using aerodynamics to greatly reduce fuel consumption.

4. Three Wheel Concept Car

The aerodynamic form of this three-​wheel concept features a single wheel at the rear, with the driver position high on the dual front wheel axle.

5. Audi Shark

Kazim Doku’s Audi Shark is a futuristic flying concept vehicle inspired by airplanes and motorcycles, a design that won the Italian Domus Academy’s Desire Design Competition. The brief for the annual competition is to design the most desirable car ever imagined.

6. BMW 2015 Concept Car

This concept is the result of a partnership project between BMW and Transportation Design students from the Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin. The students were challenged to complete the brief of “Designing the BMW of 2015, interpreting the language evolution and the trademark essence, in view of the company’s future perspectives.”

7. Ferrari Concept Car

This highly aerodynamic concept takes its inspiration from Formula One car design.

8. Enigma Concept Car

Paul Howse, a graduate from the Royal College of Art’s prestigious vehicle design program, designed this eco-​friendly roadster. The car is designed to burn fuel at a rate of less than 50 miles per gallon, and reach speeds of over 200 miles per hour in its energy efficient autopilot mode.

9. Glass Car Concept

This design is an experiment in surface rendering, with the car’s body composed entirely of glass.

10. Cadillac Opera Coupe

Designer Hussein Al-​Attar has created a conceptual update of Cadillac’s Opera Coupe range of high performance cars.

11. BMW T1 Motorsport Concept

Miroslav Dimitrov’s BMW T1 Motorsport concept features a V12 engine, carbon fibre monocoque chassis, front and rear double wishbone suspension, and Formula One style exhaust pipes situated just above the suspension and engine bay.

12. Iomega Concept

This design, by Royal College of Art student Joonas Vartola, aims to meet the challenges of climate change through energy efficiency and construction in sustainable materials.

13. MAG Magnetic Vehicle Concept

Slovak designer Matúš Procháczka created this innovative concept that employs magnetism as its power supply. Procháczka envisages a future in which magnetised road surfaces will drive the car’s electric motors, with the polarity of the magnetic field lifting the vehicle slightly and thus increasing efficiency.

14. Airflow Concept

Designer Pierre Sabas has created the Airflow concept car, featuring an electric engine and suspension system enveloped in a stunning all-​glass body.

15. BMW 2015 Concept Car

This unusual concept car is another to arise from collaborative projects between BMW and Turin’s Istituto Europeo di Design, with students speculating on BMW’s aesthetics in the year 2015.

16. AC Cobra Redesign

AC Cobras were originally British designed and built sports cars produced during the 1960s; designer Hussein Al-​Attar presents a contemporary redesign with dramatic graphics and slick rendering.

17. Turtle Concept

This radical concept proposes a lightweight, aerodynamic, all-​wheel drive electric turtle design.

18. Gullwing

This is another design by Hussein Al-​Attar, this time re-​imagining the dynamic Mercedes-​Benz Gullwing.

19. Triton Car Concept

This concept fuses sleekly rendered futuristic bodywork with a retro hotrod-​style chassis layout.

20. Mercedes-Benz SLS

Crisp composition and rendering create a sense of speed and weight in this rear view of a Mercedes-​Benz SLS 3.

21. Hawk Concept Car

With this design, Alex Hodge proposes a compact single-​seat, three-​wheel commuting solution. The vehicle, with a fibreglass body and modern plasticised interior, is capable of reaching speeds of 233 kilometres per hour.

22. BMW Sports Concept Car

This BMW sports concept combines a sedan-​style ride with a coupé roofline, aimed as a market challenger to the Mercedes CLS and the Audi A7.

23. Peugeot 69 Concept Car

The designer of this three-​wheel Peugeot says that the body form is inspired by “the fall of a drop of water that slides between the waves of the wind running by the streets of the city.”

24. Green Concept Car

In this concept, designer Arturo Peralta Nogueras took inspiration from his experiences of horse riding. His green innovations are truly radical: the body is composed of solid holography, the car runs entirely on algae, while the interior evolves and responds to the environment, changing to suit passengers and the individual scenario of each journey made in the vehicle.

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