The week(s) in links 04/01/10

Graphic Design

How to get a professional look with colour (webdesignerdepot​.com)

Ten graphic design paradoxes (observatory​.designobserver​.com)

An interview with interface designer Sam Brown (line25​.com)

Educated clients equals more clients (thedesigncubicle​.com)

The 4 Eff- words of design (thephuse​.com)

Doing it different might be doing it right (drawar​.com)

A designer’s list of new year resolutions (sixrevisions​.com)

That’s why it’s called Smashing Magazine (blog​.echoenduring​.com)

The licensed designer (ideasonideas​.com)

The new designer — are you still relevant? (cmcconnell​.com)

Graphic Design Inspiration

40 Outstanding typographic poster designs (spyrestudios​.com)

Recycled food packaging lights (toxel​.com)

Beautiful photographs of Winter (sixrevisions​.com)

24 Typographic, clean and minimalist motifs to inspire (2expertsdesign​.com

Beautiful sun ray photography (theroxor​.com)

Web Design & Blogging

How to design an effective home page (vanseodesign​.com)

Why you shouldn’t steal someone else’s source code or design (webdevtuts​.net)

How to get exponential success on your blog (catswhoblog​.com)

Say no to boring sidebars! (blog​.creativityden​.com)

Top 10 CSS snippets (webdevmania​.com)

5 Realistic resolutions for web designers (designshack​.co​.uk)

Adding depth with pixel perfect line work (webdesignledger​.com)

Web Design Inspiration

Top 25 clean and minimal web designs (vooshthemes​.com)

Use of character illustrations in web design (acrisdesign​.com)

Tutorials & Resources

15 Incredible Apple web design style coding tutorials (1stwebdesigner​.com)

Create a realistic 3D cracking effect using 3DS Max (forcg​.com)

15+ Terrific Cinema 4D tutorials for text effects (creativerepository​.com)

Minimalistic poster design in Photoshop (abduzeedo​.com)

3+ Ways to preload images using CSS, JavaScript or Ajax (perishablepress​.com)

One page résumé site (css​-tricks​.com)

6 Popular broken link checking tools for your website (hardgeek​.org)

Web form elements vol. 2 (sniperyu​.deviantart​.com)

Apps, Social & Other

Humble Pied. (humblepied​.com)

6 Predictions for the future of the Internet (sixrevisions​.com)

Making your desktop look awesome again (fuelyourinterface​.com)

Tools and techniques to manage creative projects on your Mac (noupe​.com)

Drawter​.com — DrawAble markup language (drawter​.com)

New Year’s resolution generator (moninavelarde​.com)

Best of... posts

50 of the best free icon sets of 2009 (vandelaydesign​.com)

Best of 2009 in the creative industry (fuelyourcreativity​.com)

Best of 2009 in the blogging industry (fuelyourblogging​.com)

Designs of the year: 2009 (drawar​.com)

The best design articles from 2009 (creativenerds​.co​.uk)

Smashing highlights 2009 (smashingmagazine​.com)

The most popular posts of 2009 (webdesignerdepot​.com)

The year in design, 2009 (idsgn​.org)

2009 — Sites of the year (abduzeedo​.com)

The decade in design (good​.is)

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