The week in links 01/02/10

Graphic Design

Designers these days… (css​-tricks​.com)

Give your resume a creative boost (onextrapixel​.com)

Will the iPad change the way you design? (graphicdesignblender​.com)

What graphic design schools are lacking (davidairey​.com)

How freelancing became easier after I just stopped caring (chrisreynolds​.info)

15 Ways to expand your horizons as a designer (webitect​.net)

Graphic Design Inspiration

Long exposure Photography (designzzz​.com)

Web Design & Blogging

Transparent elements in web design (blueberrycheesecakebrowie​.wordpress​.com)

Enough is enough — When a web designer has to fire a client (designtutorials4u​.com)

The golden rules of site redesign (somerandomdude​.com)

Dear Apple — 1984 Called, they want their video back (rluxemburg​.com)

Web Design Inspiration

30 Websites with lovely layout and typography (thedesigncubicle​.com)

Showcase of web design in Germany (smashingmagazine​.com)

Tutorials & Resources

23 Sites to download free icons (wegraphics​.net)

Design a colourful retro futuristic poster in Photoshop (blog​.spoongraphics​.co​.uk)

How to design the Apple iPad in Photoshop (circleboxblog​.com)

CSS tips and tricks for web designs and developers (tutoriallounge​.com)

Apps, Social & Other

16 Designer desks (tutorial9​.net)

iPad, the forgotten details (idsgn​.org)

15 Invoicing tips for designers and freelancers (vandelaydesign​.com)

Well designed Mac app websites (sixrevisions​.com)

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