The week in links 08/02/10

Graphic Design

How to create creativity (sixrevisions​.com)

Declutter your desk with a general referencing filing system (workawesome​.com)

Graphic Design inspiration

Movie title screen illustration by Matthew Lyons (abduzeedo​.com)

Information is beautiful: 30 examples of creative infography (designer​-daily​.com)

6 Reasons crowdsourcing and spec work sucks (spyrestudios​.com)

100 Years of movie title stills (designinformer​.com)

Web Design & Blogging

Full web experience? No thanks, give me Symbian any day (symbian​-guru​.com)

How to make writing your blog posts effortless (fuelyourblogging​.com)

The withering away of Flash (fullstopinteractive​.com)

10 ways to make Internet Explorer act like a modern browser (catswhocode​.com)

Revised font stack (awayback​.com)

7 Tools you should be using for better web designs (sixrevisions​.com)

How to plan for the absence of Javascript (webdesignerdepot​.com)

10 Things clients look for in a design portfolio (noupe​.com)

Common misconceptions about web designers (sixrevisions​.com)

Tutorials & Resources

How to create a detailed Apple iPad icon in Photoshop (blog​.spoongraphics​.co​.uk)

How to create a drag and drop interaction with jQuery (ilovecolors​.com​.ar)

Photoshop tips and tricks (stunningmesh​.com)

The hidden power of border-​radius (blog​.creativityden​.com)

CSS text-​indent: An excellent trick to style your HTML form (aext​.net)

How to use any font on the web (interactiveblend​.com)

10 Best @font-face fonts (paper​-leaf​.com)

Apps, Social & Other

The top 20 ‘Clients from hell’ posts of the past year (becreativemagazine​.com)

Killer Chrome extensions for productive browsing (workawesome​.com)

Microsoft’s creative destruction (nytimes​.com)

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