This is version 11 of the website, this version has been online for . This site uses cookies for Google Analytics tracking.

Version 11.26 (11/08/18)

Updated Home page content.
Updated About page content.
Updated dates.
General housekeeping.

Version 11.25 (06/01/18)

Updated About page content.
Tweaked typography on mobile devices.

Version 11.24 (23/11/17)

Updated Mountains page content.
Updated some Work page project images.

Version 11.23 (17/08/17)

Added new projects to the Work page.
Updated About page content.
Updated Contact page content.
Tinified all images, saving a megabyte.
Tweaked how the site loads to improve performance.

Version 11.22 (14/08/17)

Updated Mountains page content.
Change styling of the link hover effect.
Added Version 10 of old site.
Fixed old versions of site which weren't working.

Version 11.21 (06/08/17)

Changed the ordering of walks on the Mountains page.
Updated About page content.
Fixed missing image error on Work page.

Version 11.20 (06/07/17)

A design refresh with a cleaner font (Nunito) and tweaked page layout.
Inlined critical CSS and loaded main CSS through async.
Updated Home page content.
Updated About page content.
Updated Work page content.

Version 11.13 (15/05/17)

Switched site to use SSL.
Updated Home page content.
Updated About page content.
Implemented responsive images properly on Home and Work pages.

Version 11.12 (11/03/17)

Updated Mountains page with latest holiday.
Resolved issue with map on Mountains page on mobile devices.

Version 11.11 (17/02/17)

Updated Work page content.
Fixed scripts on Mountains page.

Version 11.10 (19/01/17)

Updated Work page with new design and projects.
Made home and work images responsive using srcset.

Version 11.02 (22/11/16)

Updated the Mountains page with a new holiday.

Version 11.01 (16/10/16)

Tweaked some of the copy.

Version 11.00 (01/10/16)

A brand new look and feel; simplifying the site but putting my latest work back online.

Previous Versions

The following sites are the old versions of this website and help show the progression of my coding skills. v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 v6 v7 v8 v9 v10