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Year in review


The year started so well, running further and faster than I had in years. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, I’d picked up a stress fracture in my left shin in December 2018. I continued running until a swelling finally got painful enough to warrant finding out what was going on in July and that’s when I stopped running and reduced my walking. And that’s how I spent the rest of my year, waiting, frustrated.


Things just carried on as they were until I had to reduce everything after collapsing due to exhaustion. Not a great way to spend the day and it made me feel terrible for the rest of the year.


The year of upheavals; moved out of Winchester, left Intermedia, joined We Make Websites and moved to London.


Got my first car at the beginning of the year which spelt the end for regular train commutes.


Went full-time at Intermedia and moved out of my parent’s house which made the commute even easier. But with less free time my running mileage started diminishing.


The best day of walking I’ve ever had; 1 April 2014, 22 miles, 12 mountains climbed, a bit of snow on the ground and beautiful sunshine. Also the first time I visited the Lake District by myself.


My best year of running; long runs on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday with a swim Thursday afternoon. Although I’ve never reached the same mileage I’ve run faster and for longer in a single go since.


Intermedia moved to Eastleigh which was a much easier commute using public transport.


The year of the commute. Began the year with a short term contract at Rocket Base in Worthing, spending more time on the bus and train than I did working. Later I started part-time at Intermedia which was based in Braishfield; a 35 mile round trip when I didn’t own a car, many thanks to my parents. Also discovered Wainwright which gave me something to aim for when in the Lake District.


My first visit to the Lake District as an adult, I finally found something worth walking for.


Last year of University when I started tracking my distances using Google Earth and Maps to calculate everything (no Fitbit back then). Coincidentally the 1.2 mile per day average was the distance from where I lived to the University campus. Many days I didn’t even leave the house. I only started tracking from part way through the year.